Let's Talk Candles

  • Let's Talk Candles 03 | Tools

    In this post, we'll be discussing tools you can use to make your candle experience better and safer. Specifically, we'll be talking about wick trimmers, wick dippers, and candle snuffers. 
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  • Let's Talk Candles 02 | Candle Care Basics

    Before we go any further, we can't talk candles without talking about candle care first. Proper candle care is not only important but will increase the performance and overall experience you have with a candle. I've made this one into a list format, so that I can come back routinely and update with any new tips and tricks. 
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  • Let's Talk Candles 01 | Introduction

    If you've come across this post, you're likely a customer, fellow candle enthusiast, or both. If you're new here, I'm Nika, and I'm the founder of AKINAHS LLERON, a candle shop specializing in 100% soy candles. As a business owner...
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