Fall Collection Candles

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Fall makes us think of all things warm, cozy, and comforting. Experience our interpretation of fall with these gorgeous amber jars that give the perfect autumn glow.


Hand-poured 100% soy wax candle, lead-free cotton wick, and phthalate-free fragrance.

Net Wt. 7 oz | Burn Time: Approx. 30 - 35 hours

 Fragrance Notes
Cozy Vibes  Amber, Almond, Tonka, Musk, Vanilla
Sweater Weather Pine, Balsam, Violet, Bergamot, Juniper
Cuffing Season Frankincense, Leather, Tobacco, Caramel, Musk
Nana's House Banana, Walnuts, Vanilla, Cinnamon — Banana Nut Bread
Baker's Dozen Cinnamon, Vanilla, Butter  Cinnamon Buns
Coffee Date Tonka, Vanilla, Coffee Beans, Cocoa