Akinahs Story

At AKINAHS LLERON, the goal is bigger than just providing great products. Our foundation is one centered around promoting self-care and ultimately, self-love. Whether hand pouring soy candles, crafting bath soaks, or curating the perfect gifts, we're adamant about staying true to that foundation. We'd appreciate it if you took a moment to learn more about our story and our intentions. After all, you deserve to know who and what you're supporting by making a purchase. We thank you for visiting and hope to do business with you soon. 

A note from our founder

AKINAHS LLERON was founded in the midst of my own chaos . . .

Towards the end of 2019, I made the abrupt decision to end my growing career. I was closing a door I had worked tirelessly to peek behind, and to add further excitement, I did it without a plan. At the time, I only knew that I was done working for people and the way people expected. The former is self-explanatory, but the latter took me a while to grasp. See, it’s not comfortable to realize how much of your decision-making has been influenced by others. Here I was, doing what I was supposed to do, yet feeling so unfulfilled. 

I'll spare you all the details, but this new journey entailed yet another battle with depression and what felt like endless defeats. And though I thought I had almost lost the battle, I decided to give it another try with a new strategy. I adapted the habit of doing something good for myself whenever I felt like giving up. Whether it was lighting a candle, drawing a bath, or simply making sure I ate a meal, a combination of these acts provided the push I needed to continue. Despite everything I encountered, these acts of self-care allowed me to bloom during a time when I thought I couldn't. AKINAHS LLERON was founded in the midst of my own chaos, a testament to the strength of self-love and our own magic. I hope these products can aid in your self-care practices and your self-love journey. You deserve good and learning that was what saved my life. 

- Nika